lundi 17 août 2015

As I was trying to fix the swinging image of a PXL2000, I found some new bend points for great new effects.
So 3 new bends in addition to the two I already added a while ago to this unit.
Still one great toy technogicaly speaking with full glitchy potential for growns ups to play with.
Don't see too big while findings bend points cause not so much room for hardware.
Only issue that I can't fix is that someof those bends shut down audio for some reason.

My first feedback jam after relocating in Brittany.

finisterian_ from Running Time on Vimeo.
empty flat from Running Time on Vimeo.

mardi 28 juillet 2015

Selection fo stillshots of a jam using two of my devices.
The Constricta VM516(hama) and a Panasonic AVE3(bent)

mardi 21 avril 2015

Panasonic WJ AVE3 FX generator

I finally put an hand on(and in) a AVE3 unit.This model is getting hard to find in france.
Got this one in greece.
This was fun to bend but as usual a bit tricky with the wram connections soldering part.
You'll need a clean thin iron and and good soldering skills.Think twice before to chose the proper direction of the wires according to your pots/toggles location.I figured it out too late so it doesn't look very clean but it's functional and that's what maters.
I chose a 21-pts patch to optimize the combos.
These are free points.They ain't connected to the av sync like suggested on Klomp's diagram.

jeudi 12 mars 2015

Barbie "la video synth" is a circuit bent
video amp housed in a vhs box.
Donw below are some stillshots of the effects that it can produce.

turn me on bitch!