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Promoting audio visual innovation. Stranded inbetween Low and Hi-Fi, L'ENR is getting busy encoding, and archiving all types of video contents. Badly traumatised by the 80's home video revolution, his goal is to create a disfunctional harmony mixing contents, formats and colliding obsolete analog video-amateur techniques with modern digital tools. His field:Circuit bending, Abstract and B movies. Worshipping the "ERROR" aesthetic he captures throughout his work, glitches and issues, building a large collection of video stills. He currently lives in Paris where he works as a cartoonist in the animation industry.

dimanche 23 février 2014


Courtesy of a friend of mine who gave me that ill CASIO SK1 that I got fixed and bent.
Very popular in the eighties tru the nineties SK1 becomes rare and expensive due to its built-in sampler and an outstanding bending potential.It can even have a video output for keytones visualization.
When bent(here a patch bay control system) plenty of sounds modulations and glitchy issues are avaible if you dig.
Video output is the cool thing about it altough visuals are kinda minimal.Playing with the patch, you can get cool B/W paterns made of stripes, bars, dots, snow, flicks and many more according to the sound you play.

update:The reset button that didn't work has been replaced by a pitch control and à body control vibrato.

 video output.

jeudi 14 novembre 2013

shot in Pixelvision for the 23rd PXLTHIS fest in Santa Monica CA.
running time labs 2013.

dimanche 22 septembre 2013

Panasonic AVE5 video mixer_Glitch external patch bay

Finally done with my first bent AVE5.
Here are some pictures of the process.
As expected, cool thing is the ability to combine multiple effects.
Fader and trigger were also added.
Bend points tips come from Karl Klomp who's one of the first to attempt bending on such video mixers.
I only bent one source on my unit.Bending the two sources is of course possible but requires 25 DSUB sockets.If you bend only one source then a VGA-type socket(15 pins) will do.
Check video for a demo of effects produced.

Trickyest part on this project is definitely the soldering on the DSUB.

As I already explained on previous post you'd need to create your own connection cable as a normal VGA cable can't be used for patch bay purpose because of the ground pins connected together...
If you use a regular VGA cable, pins 4 to 12 will be useless.

In order to make it look good and not to get mad with ugly blobs messing up connections, tip is first use thin 1mm flexible wire and start soldering the center pins of the middle row.Proceed the same way with upper and lower rows.

dimanche 11 août 2013

Bent Ave5 stills

Here's a bunch of stills from  early glitch tests on a freshly bent Panasonic ave5.The external patch bay is still causing me trouble but is on the way.Just a quick advice for those like me who'd go for vga/15 pins sub D socket:You'll have to make your own vga cable as a normal vga cable has some pins connected to each other in order to manage ground.If you don't make your own, your glitch connections will be messed up.
Some video to come!

dimanche 14 juillet 2013

Brain Baffler (Mattel, 1979)

The Mattel Brain Baffler is a letters and numbers game quit impossible to understand without booklet.
Here's a minimaly bent version I did, courtesy of my friend stephane who legued me that really good looking game.
Just a couple of cool tones variations found so far...
It comes with a noise pot, a dizzy trigger effect and a random tones push button.
audio out has been replaced and mini speaker has been taken out to make some room for the pot.

lundi 1 juillet 2013

analog feedback_GR66

video stills of a analog cathodic  feedback session using a sick JVC GR66.

 and a very special assistance of my daughter...