dimanche 14 décembre 2014


I was planning an inovation on this unit with the self-sufficiency antennas.Two contact pins are located on the tips.The idea is to create some feedback getting the pins contact and generate some sort of "masturbating" mode as the furby pets himself when begging for it and on and on...It works sometimes but a there's a timing problem to be fixed.
The bend points remain the same since no other bend has been found for years on this model.
Voice type one is the common bend you can find on tutorials.A glitchy spooky metalic voice.In fact the voice is just pitched down.You'll need to reset often and the functions are off when using this type.
Voice type2 is my bend.Similar voice as type1 but even weirder soundwise and more stable.
You can leave the furby set on this one for good all functions are kept effective.

jeudi 2 octobre 2014

VIVANCO rebirth! (Eggplantyon EuroShittySynth)
New video synth finalized today.
It has two video in, 6 adjustables effects and 6 extra abstract toggle effects (lines, blocks...) for more abstract visuals working also no input).
The original functions of the enhancer are the green pots.Can be used as it like in the days minus the shitty scarts;)
Pot knobs are recycled industrials caps.
video test here:

dimanche 6 juillet 2014


I had this Family studio for a while stacked in the basement with other stuff I bought before the circuit bending craze of these days.
Thanks to Chris King from Video Cicuit I finaly put my hands back on this tutorial I once found on the net 5 years ago.A post from Animal on wheels.
The XV-T33F is one piece of history!The joy of drawing stuff with a magnetic pen has been brought to you once again by SONY in spring 1991.
It is also a great looking and easy-to-use tittler for amateur home video.
Globaly really fun to bend and play with amazing abtract potential.Great thing is that you can use it as "no input" that means that you can have fun even with no video source.However you'll have to deal with an awful grey tinted bacground to draw on.
One thing, patch bay is kinda mandatory cause there's no room in there exept for  few push buttons you can put in the back next to the power block.

samedi 3 mai 2014


 Prisme Chronique is an abstract performance based on analog video glitch.
Soundtrack is a circuit-bending composition played with a Casio SK1 and a Barbie Karaoke turned into a delay/echo box.
released on VHS secam.
run time:  36'
price:  20€
free postage for France.
To order a copy and evaluate shipping cost please contact me at


dimanche 23 février 2014


Courtesy of a friend of mine who gave me that ill CASIO SK1 that I got fixed and bent.
Very popular in the eighties tru the nineties SK1 becomes rare and expensive due to its built-in sampler and an outstanding bending potential.It can even have a video output for keytones visualization.
When bent(here a patch bay control system) plenty of sounds modulations and glitchy issues are avaible if you dig.
Video output is the cool thing about it altough visuals are kinda minimal.Playing with the patch, you can get cool B/W paterns made of stripes, bars, dots, snow, flicks and many more according to the sound you play.

update:The reset button that didn't work has been replaced by a pitch control and à body control vibrato.

 video output.

jeudi 14 novembre 2013

shot in Pixelvision for the 23rd PXLTHIS fest in Santa Monica CA.
running time labs 2013.

dimanche 22 septembre 2013

Panasonic AVE5 video mixer_Glitch external patch bay

Finally done with my first bent AVE5.
Here are some pictures of the process.
As expected, cool thing is the ability to combine multiple effects.
Fader and trigger were also added.
Bend points tips come from Karl Klomp who's one of the first to attempt bending on such video mixers.
I only bent one source on my unit.Bending the two sources is of course possible but requires 25 DSUB sockets.If you bend only one source then a VGA-type socket(15 pins) will do.
Check video for a demo of effects produced.

Trickyest part on this project is definitely the soldering on the DSUB.

As I already explained on previous post you'd need to create your own connection cable as a normal VGA cable can't be used for patch bay purpose because of the ground pins connected together...
If you use a regular VGA cable, pins 4 to 12 will be useless.

In order to make it look good and not to get mad with ugly blobs messing up connections, tip is first use thin 1mm flexible wire and start soldering the center pins of the middle row.Proceed the same way with upper and lower rows.