mercredi 4 mars 2015

Circuit bent Star Ac Studio Clip camera.A few weeks back I put my hand on this crap that actually renders a cool soft grainy picture.I haded 3 bends on it, some stripes,red filter and some blur.The points are although super tiny micro components so don't let the iron too long above those cause they just can melt like butter!
This toy boosted by a video amp(here one of my modified enhancer) can easily make you trip all day busting feedbacks.

dimanche 4 janvier 2015

BEND-O-NEON upgrade

Brightness enhance, Audio noise switch and two extra fx on the front(toggles)

I needed some pot to modulate the value of the effects so I came up with this simple non-powered external controler also with banana plugs.

test here!

dimanche 28 décembre 2014

BEND-O-NEON video synth
Made on a cheap but good looking video processor basis, the bend-o-neon is a banana plugs operated for a maximum of combinations.
I could go up to 20 bend points but went rather for a sharp selection of effects that could work either abstract or figuative.So instead of putting switches I stuck for 10 points and went...Bananas!
Main effect is this glam-looking pastel neon rendering but working the combos can result of total signal mayhem and cool chaotic swinging paterns.
Here is a selection of stillshots of the early test


dimanche 14 décembre 2014


I was planning an inovation on this unit with the self-sufficiency antennas.Two contact pins are located on the tips.The idea is to create some feedback getting the pins contact and generate some sort of "masturbating" mode as the furby pets himself when begging for it and on and on...It works sometimes but a there's a timing problem to be fixed.
The bend points remain the same since no other bend has been found for years on this model.
Voice type one is the common bend you can find on tutorials.A glitchy spooky metalic voice.In fact the voice is just pitched down.You'll need to reset often and the functions are off when using this type.
Voice type2 is my bend.Similar voice as type1 but even weirder soundwise and more stable.
You can leave the furby set on this one for good all functions are kept effective.

jeudi 2 octobre 2014

VIVANCO rebirth! (Eggplantyon EuroShittySynth)
New video synth finalized today.
It has two video in, 6 adjustables effects and 6 extra abstract toggle effects (lines, blocks...) for more abstract visuals working also no input).
The original functions of the enhancer are the green pots.Can be used as it like in the days minus the shitty scarts;)
Pot knobs are recycled industrials caps.
video test here: