mardi 12 mars 2013


Here's my  first bending attempt on the 2005 Furby.

I personally bought this one  my niece for christmas 2005, year it's been released.I wasn't into messing up with toys at the time but kinda disliked this version already.To me it's a total failure.It's twice bigger than the first one, have a terrible annoying voice and the design even with his furr on is just un-cute.
If you have bent the original one, you'll quickly notice that the modfication possibilities are also way below.
Entering this new century the miniaturisation of components becomes a real pain in the ass of the average circuit bender.Despite his large size compared to his 1998 big bro, 2005 furb has nano tech making himself real hard to hack.Is circuit bending set to extinguish with the 20th century's toys??It's a fact that good old large circuit boards become less common.Hopefully, there's plenty of old toys ready to be found in trift stores or yard sales all awaiting to be opened.

Anyway, here're the mods done on this sucker:

If you are working on this one or planning to, you must have notice a disturbing lack of tips on the net.This ain't cause no one wanna share, just that the range of mods on this model is really limited.Some have dug deeper but didn't get much!So basically all you can do here is vary the resistance of the voice chip located behing his left ear.
Soldering the wire on the concerned lugs of the chip is kinda tight already but if you got decent skills, you'll overcome that part.Part 2 is a bit harder and that's where I failed:You need to solder the second wire onto the nano chip below.This shit is so small that I finally burnt it.This thing is so fragile that if you lay solder iron toolong close to it, it will totally melt in no time, so be precise and quick!
After that I could say goodbye to the Matrix sound that appeared to be the only real bent.This one is ok but isn't a proper glitch(just slowers voice emulator).
At this stage I got obviously pissed and was about to smash the whole thing like I usually do in this case.I had nothing else to do except looking desperately for other possible bend points before trashing fake-ass gizmo.I miraculously found one!Not around the voice emulator IC like everyone would recommend, but by the motor circuit area on the right side.
Connecting those two simple point will make your pet talk like crazy with a different type of distorded voice.This time no need to sweat, solder is easy.Toggle is located on the spike on top of head.
I'm don't really like the remotes on furbs, so I always manage to leave the controls, switches or pots on the toy.This time it was quite cool cause I have chosen not to control the motors.I don't see the interest of having furby stomp and skake as he always do anyway...
Cool tip for the audio out is to drill a hole in one of the little corners under the belly.

A bit frustrated with the mods, I could'nt resist to add some fancy leds on the bastard.One pulsing red led between the eyes(I painted the eyelids black cause I hate the original skin color) and a combo of three random colors pulsing leds on the belly at the place of the old "tickle-me" button that is now on the side of head just like the "pet-me botton".
The center led has been relocated inside the third eyeball for cool light effect in the dark.
Toggle is now hidden in furr of the iroqwa.

check it out:

an update of the specimen.It's alllllliiiiiiive!!

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