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Promoting audio visual innovation. Stranded inbetween Low and Hi-Fi, L'ENR is getting busy encoding, and archiving all types of video contents. Badly traumatised by the 80's home video revolution, his goal is to create a disfunctional harmony mixing contents, formats and colliding obsolete analog video-amateur techniques with modern digital tools. His field:Circuit bending, Abstract and B movies. Worshipping the "ERROR" aesthetic he captures throughout his work, glitches and issues, building a large collection of video stills. He currently lives in Paris where he works as a cartoonist in the animation industry.

samedi 3 mai 2014


 Prisme Chronique is an abstract performance based on analog video glitch.
Soundtrack is a circuit-bending composition played with a Casio SK1 and a Barbie Karaoke turned into a delay/echo box.
released on VHS secam.
run time:  36'
price:  20€
free postage for France.
To order a copy and evaluate shipping cost please contact me at


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